EcoLogic believes that the preservation of biological diversity, ecosystems, and natural places is critically important to the survival of us all—people, plants, and animals alike. In addition to the intrinsic value of nature and wildlife, biological diversity and healthy ecosystems provide humankind with many of the things that sustain our lives, including clean air and water, fertile soil, a stable climate, food, medicines, materials and technologies, and a diversity of genes and species—not to mention recreational opportunities and natural beauty.

However, the ecosystems that we all depend on to survive are threatened by a range of obstacles—most of them effects of human activities. Read more to learn about some of the challenges that EcoLogic was founded to address—and then check out our Solutions page to see what EcoLogic is doing about them.




If you’re confused by any of the terms we use in talking about our work, check out our Glossary of Key Terms—a resource we put together to help break down some of the more academic jargon we use when talking about what we do. Did we miss anything? Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know!