Welcome to the EcoLogic Ambassador Campaign!

Heart_logo_art_2What’s an EcoLogic Ambassador?
Ambassadors are a special community of people who make a significant commitment over the course of the year to advance the work of EcoLogic Development Fund.

What does an Ambassador do?
Throughout the year, Ambassadors invite family and friends to learn about EcoLogic’s work in Central America and Mexico. Each Ambassador sets a personal fundraising goal of $1000 or above and, with the help of EcoLogic staff, comes up with creative ways to engage their network and help reach their goal!

The end result is a significant contribution, a passionate base of support, and a closer connection to EcoLogic’s work. Learn more about all that EcoLogic Ambassadors have accomplished over the years > >

Why should I become an Ambassador?
The generosity of this group provides EcoLogic with core financial support that allows us to expand our programs, establish new partnerships, reach out to new supporters, and leverage additional dollars in support of our mission.

Read more of our Ambassador Program materials here > >

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