Discussion Groups

As a Campus Ambassador, you will have the option to organize discussion groups to talk about global environmental and social challenges with your peers. In these meetings, we hope that you will learn more about some of the problems that motivate our work in Central America and the theory that underlies our community-based model. The goal of these groups is to engage you in our conversation about sustainable development, and to inspire you to think about solutions to the enormous environmental and social challenges we face today. The more informed and passionate you are, the more momentum we have to take on these issues and create a more sustainable world for future generations.

We have designed a syllabus for you to use as a starting point for these discussions. The readings cover a broad range of topics, from the political history of the area to ecological assessments of the impact of climate change in this region. We hope that you will find these resources useful, but that you will also treat them as suggestions and adapt them so you can focus on topics that interest you the most about our work.

Please find the document here: Syllabus