Event Guide

One of the best ways to raise awareness about EcoLogic’s projects and the issues we confront is to organize events. These events can be what you make them; we encourage you to think of new, creative ways to engage with your campus  and to promote important conversations at the intersections of a number of academic disciplines—environmental, social, economic, and political. We want to support your event planning in any way possible, whether it be answering your questions, providing speaker recommendations, or sending you materials.

Here are a few event ideas to help you get started:

  • Organize a lecture. Bring a speaker to your campus to discuss an topic related to EcoLogic’s mission.
  • Have a movie screening. Show documentaries about issues that relate to our work, or share EcoLogic videos of our project sites.
  • Do a poster or tabling campaign in your student center. Schedule these campaigns to align with global events, like Indigenous People’s Day, World Water Day, or Earth Day.
  • Partner with your campus organic farm to hold a local food dinner, and discuss global environmental issues over the meal.
  • Set up a call with one of the EcoLogic program officers to hear more about our projects (In Spanish!).
  • Plan a fundraising event.
    • Ask a local restaurant to donate food for an EcoLogic dinner, and sell tickets.
    • Organize a pay-to-participate 5k or soccer game.
  • Organize and raise money for a spring break trip to one of the project sites.

EcoLogic can provide:

  • Advice about event planning
  • Contact information of speakers who are well versed in sustainable development, environmental justice, or the nonprofit sector
  • A list of films and other media that can promote discussion and learning
  • Photographs to populate your posters
  • A limited amount of funding for small meetings

If you are interested in planning an event, please reach out to us at ambassadors@ecologic.org and we will help you achieve this!