Getting Started

EcoLogic is a nonprofit organization whose work is based on values of mutual cooperation and respect. We listen to and collaborate with communities who ask for our help confronting environmental degradation. We respond to their requests by providing them with the tools, materials, and training they need to protect the ecosystems they rely on for their well-being and cultural survival. Our long term vision is a world in which rural and indigenous groups are empowered to play a leading role in protecting vulnerable ecosystems.

As an organization that is based on principles of partnership and collaboration, we are always looking to make new connections with people who share common goals with us. The purpose of the Campus Ambassador program is to engage college students in our mission. If you feel passionate about critical social and environmental issues and you have an interest in learning more about sustainable development–you are in the right place!

As a Campus Ambassador for EcoLogic, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Bring a global perspective on environmental issues to your college campus
  • Organize discussion groups about critical social and environmental challenges
  • Teach people about the region we work in and the solutions we use to confront environmental degradation
  • Plan and execute events to raise awareness or fundraise for EcoLogic

Below, we’ve provided  tips on how to start your own group or how to work with a pre-existing club. We’ve also created a slideshow that you can use to teach people about what EcoLogic does and the projects we work on, so you can start off your first meeting on a confident note.

Becoming an Ambassador