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Barra Sarstún Fisherfolk Recover after Fire

Members of the Barra Sarstun community watch the fire from boats

Members of the Barra Sarstún community watch the fire from boats

A fire in Barra Sarstún, Guatemala, has destroyed a new restaurant that local fisherfolk had been building in order to attract ecotourism to the area. As part of its Cross-Border Alliance for Healthy Fisheries project, EcoLogic has been working with a community organization of fisherfolk to construct the restaurant. 

Local residents were unable to stop the fire, which burned until it had completely destroyed the new restaurant building and severely damaged an adjacent fish processing facility. Residents of Barra Sarstún are highly dependent of fishing for their livelihoods. The new restaurant was intended to provide a much-needed alternative source of revenue for the community, serving a cornerstone of the community’s effort to attract ecotourism to the area. After the restaurant, the community had hoped to construct cabins that would have served as tourist lodgings to enable  people can stay in the community for extended periods of time. These plans may have to be delayed while residents contend with the damage caused by the fire, and weigh different options for recovery.

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