Chance to Lead—a campaign for social and environmental justice


For 23 years, EcoLogic has worked to empower rural and indigenous communities in Central America and Mexico to protect and restore the tropical ecosystems in which they live. Over the years, we have helped to foster the talents of many local leaders and connect these world-changers with countless partners and networks so that their voices are amplified and their impact can be realized on a larger scale.

The future of marginalized communities and our environment is now more uncertain than ever. After the political change that took place last week, we at EcoLogic, like so many others, are asking ourselves,  “What do we do now?” After much dialogue, we realized that at least part of the answer might be simpler than we thought: We must continue to do what we’ve always done—support and amplify the voices of the under-the-radar leaders who work without rest to create a just, sustainable, peaceful world for us all. Only now, we must redouble our efforts and work even more collectively. Those who remain hopeful and optimistic about a sustainable future must act with more creativity, energy, and connection than ever.

So, we are taking action by launching Chance to Lead, a campaign critical to ensuring that the voices of those leaders are heard and given the chance they deserve to be the leaders we need. We owe the communities and the leaders that have historically been most left out that chance. The chance to make progress in creating a world that is not only more environmentally protected—but one that is more socially just.

Chance to Lead is a campaign coordinated by EcoLogic, dedicated to partnering with community leaders and assisting them to amplify their voice and expand the scope of their impact. Via Chance to Lead, we hope to highlight and connect leaders so that they can explore new ways to collaborate and broadcast their successes to the world. We make our voices heard, and remain dedicated to creating lasting change on the causes and issues of those community and environmental leaders whose work are most threatened by damaging, non-inclusive rhetoric and policy. Because their work not only benefits them and their communities, it benefits us all.

We must support these leaders to achieve the change we wish to see. It is their turn, now more than ever. It is up to us to give the hopes, the ideas, the beliefs, the knowledge, and opinions that have historically not been heard—a chance to lead.  

What You Can Do

EcoLogic has launched as a platform for individuals and organizations working to create a future based on environmental and social justice to connect and share their work. We don’t know yet exactly how it will evolve but we are compelled to act now, without perfect plans. We envision that those who join us and participate will help us co-create the space and spread the message of this movement by sharing inspiring stories of local leaders that need that Chance to Lead.

For now, if you are a leader in the movement for creating this future, if you participate in an organization that supports these leaders, or if you are an individual or institution that wants to follow the conversation and learn about these leaders, please go to to sign up. We’ll keep you posted on next steps…


With solidarity and optimism,

Chris Patterson

Director of Development and Communications

EcoLogic Development Fund

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