Join EcoLogic and NEID on May 6!

NEID Pathways to Change Series Presents:
EcoLogic Development Fund & the Charles River Watershed Association

Wednesday, May 6
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM
EcoLogic Development Fund
25 Mt Auburn St, Suite 203, Cambridge, MA

You are invited to a roundtable discussion with EcoLogic, the Charles River Watershed Association, and New England International Donors (NEID). The event is free and open to the public!

1 in 8 people worldwide do not have access to clean sources of drinking water. By approximately 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in water-scarce regions.

Community volunteers working on reforestation in Honduras

Community volunteers in northern Honduras working on a reforestation and watershed conservation efforts at EcoLogic’s Communities Organizing for Watersheds project

The water crisis is not merely an environmental issue, but a multidimensional problem that has far-reaching implications for human rights, global health and economic development. So what are the solutions? And what is the role of funders in supporting them? It’s not enough to simply build one well or to plant one tree. How can funders work with complex networks of NGOs, water utility managers and municipal governments to ensure plentiful clean water for all?

As international donors, we all grapple with questions of collaboration and sustainability on a daily basis. EcoLogic Development Fund and The Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) are two organizations tackling these challenges in very different environments. EcoLogic works across Mexico and Central America, partnering with rural communities and municipalities to work on watershed recovery. CRWA mobilizes citizen scientists and collaborates with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to steward our own Charles River. The Association also recently partnered with an organization in the Dominican Republic to share best practices and support their efforts.

Join us on May 6 in exploring how to to solve the global water crisis—together.

A continental breakfast will be provided at the beginning of the event. There will be an opportunity for informal networking from 11:30 – 12 after the panel discussion has concluded.