Quetzal Catch Up

I forgot to mention that rereading this blog made me realize I haven’t updated you recently on my quetzal bird hunt! Don’t worry, not a real hunt. (The only thing I hunt “for real” are fish.) At any rate, you’ve probably been losing sleep from jealousy while imagining me swinging in a hammock with a slew of beautiful quetzal birds perched around me. But, alas, no quetzal fraternizing for me yet. I haven’t seen a one. Every time I think I see one it turns out to be a grackle or something else that’s fairly common. I’ve got six weeks left to go here. Maybe if I wore one of these hats I’d find one? (A care package idea, Mom!)

– Chris Patterson, Program Officer for EcoLogic

Chris collaborates closely with the senior program officer by writing grant proposals and project reports, investigating potential funders, and following trends in philanthropy, conservation, and international development. Chris was a fellow for the Ford Foundation’s Difficult Dialogues Project and has documented his time working from EcoLogic’s regional office in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala from March to June, 2011.

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