Supporter Spotlight: Lisa Leff Cooper

Why do you support EcoLogic?

Lisa Leff Cooper

Lisa Leff Cooper

My husband and I first got to know Central America as adoptive parents of our daughter, born in Guatemala, and we quickly fell in love with the people, cultures and landscapes of the region. We wanted to make a difference and began searching for ways to help spur sustainable economic development across the region.

With my professional background in sustainable investing, I was particularly interested in supporting models providing both economic opportunities for people and communities and protection for the natural resources of this very special part of the world. When we were introduced to EcoLogic, we knew we’d found an on-the-ground organization making real and lasting impact — and doing it in a way that empowers communities for the long-term.

Over the years, we’ve watched EcoLogic connect rural and indigenous communities with best practices around advocacy, resource utilization and community collaboration, and also around the most current thinking in areas like agroforestry, ecosystem services, biodiversity protection, watershed restoration and carbon finance. EcoLogic provides local communities with tools, knowledge and access, yes – but more than that, it helps them envision success and build the confidence to stay committed for the long term. It’s a model that works. Central America is now part of our family’s lives for the long term, and we are proud to say that so is EcoLogic.

Join Lisa in investing in real, lasting impact for people and nature in Central America and Mexico by making a gift to EcoLogic today.

Lisa Leff Cooper has worked for more than two decades in sustainable and responsible investing, with a career spanning innovative impact investment boutiques to the largest Wall Street firms. She is also the co-founder of Global Talent Idaho, a non-profit initiative to help skilled refugees and immigrants reclaim professional careers.