Take a Stand with EcoLogic for the Climate. We All Depend on It.

forestforthetreesNearly two years ago, the world witnessed an inspiring and rare success—the coming together of nations to commit to fighting what many recognize as the single greatest threat to life on this planet: climate change. The Paris Accords represent much of what EcoLogic stands for: collaboration, hope, solidarity, resilience and, most of all, a vision of a better future for all. For EcoLogic, every single day is World Environment Day.

With the decision late last week to pull the United States out of this agreement, many of us felt angry, let down, even despondent. But EcoLogic firmly believes that in every challenge exists possibility. After all, that is exactly what we have learned from the people we work with in Central America and Mexico, day in, and day out. People who live difficult lives in sometimes unimaginably tough conditions, in a region considered one of the most vulnerable on Earth to climate-related shocks—pest outbreaks that destroy forests and food, food insecurity aggravated by prolonged drought and natural disasters—still find ways to band together and be creative and proactive in the face of daunting challenges.

At EcoLogic, our team and our partners have consistently pulled together, committed to doing all we can to collaborate and find ways to restore and protect land, water, and communities. We believe firmly that no one individual, no single administration in one country, can or should have the power to reverse collective momentum for good.

Please join us in taking a stand, not by shouting into the void but by helping EcoLogic and our partners empower communities most affected by climate change to take action and heal our planet. Together, we can do this.

Here are a few ways you can help:

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