Annual Report 2011-2012: Looking Forward

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to present to you our Annual Report 2011-2012: Looking Forward. As in years past, we share with you stories and information about some of the people, places and projects EcoLogic has been involved with since we published our last report. We’ve achieved important progress in strengthening our capabilities and had exciting successes at our project sites.

EcoLogic Annual Report 2011 2012

What is different about this year’s publication is that it spans two years. As many of our friends know, we have gone through a tremendous period of change in the past 18 months and it felt a bit limiting to try to focus our commentary exclusively on 2011. Therefore while the financials published herein are for 2011, we also tell you about our new strategic plan which we will begin implementing in a few short weeks, and consider much of what has brought us to where we are today at the close of 2012. We are “looking forward” to the new year and the exciting developments we see on its horizon, and we want you to be there with us.

On behalf of EcoLogic I thank you for your commitment. Our successes are possible only because of your dedicated and generous support.

We thank you for everything you do
Lee Shane
Communications Officer