Thanks to Your Support, Innovation Award-Winner MAMUCA Turns Pollution into Prosperity

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 Bestalina Martínez, president of Innovation Award-winner MAMUCA

You can meet Bestalina Martínez, president of Innovation Award-winner MAMUCA, at EcoLogic’s annual benefit on October 23!

Meet Bestalina Martínez, the president of the Municipalities of Central Atlantida Department (MAMUCA), EcoLogic’s local partner on our Towns for Environmental Corridors and Communities project in northern Honduras.

Bestalina will attend EcoLogic’s annual benefit on October 23, where she will lead a discussion on “Women Leading Innovative Conservation in Central America” as one of our 10 expert facilitators.

At the event, Bestalina also will be recognized as the winner of EcoLogic’s Innovation Award, a $10,000 prize generously provided, in part, by the Kendeda Fund. The funds have helped MAMUCA develop a business plan and expand a community “store” to which people bring recyclable materials, like aluminum cans and plastic bags, in exchange for food and other household items.

MAMUCA's Innovation Award-winning recycling shop

MAMUCA’s second recycling shop in Santa Ana is open for business!

The award funds have helped MAMUCA to increase the selection of items in the shop, located in the community of La Unión. Based on the success of the original store, MAMUCA recently opened a second one in the nearby community of Santa Ana! In addition to educating community members about recycling and conservation, the stores are creating local jobs, making them both environmentally and economically sustainable.

“MAMUCA seeks to both conserve natural resources and respond to the needs of the local communities,” Bestalina said after the award was announced. “Thank you to EcoLogic for always supporting us in the conservation of our natural resources and in helping us find ways to meet our basic needs.”

You can meet Bestalina yourself on October 23! Reserve your seat at the table here!

Watch Bestalina talk about MAMUCA’s plans for the award money in the video below:

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