Book by K’iche’ Children Tells Stories of the Mayan Forest

A page from the new artbook "Sabiduría de los Rocosos."

A page from the new artbook “Sabiduría de los Rocosos.”

We are pleased to announce the release of “Sabiduría de los Rocosos,” an artbook of stories and pictures created by the K’iche’ children of Totonicapán, Guatemala. Guided by ArtCorps Fellow Isabel Carrio, the children interviewed their grandparents for traditional stories about Mayan cosmology, history and culture and then created illustrations using a variety of media including drawing and painting, printmaking and collage incorporating natural objects like leaves, flowers, sticks and sheep’s wool into many of the pictures.

EcoLogic has collaborated with local partner, the 48 Cantons of Totonicapán, a traditional Maya-K’iche’ governing body, since 2003 helping to restore and protect the old-growth forest and other natural resources. One way to do this is help the K’iche’ record and preserve the history of their traditional practices and teach those to the next generation. “Sabiduría de los Rocosos,” which loosely translates as “Wisdom of the Rocky Hillsides,” provided a way to connect families to that history in a personal way. The stories highlight the importance of traditional forest resource management and the interconnection between the Maya K’iche’s livelihood and the environment.

This book is the result of our partnership with ArtCorps. Since 2009, ArtCorps fellows have served at select EcoLogic project sites, using art and personal expression activities to engage people of all ages in environmental and social justice initiatives. Moving forward, EcoLogic and ArtCorps hope to raise funds to publish hard copies of Los Rocosos and also create an English version. In the new year we will post a full version of the book on our website—stay tuned!