EcoLogic in the Field and on the Town

EarthFest_018_CroppedEcoLogic Development Fund spent a sunny Saturday in May reaching out to new friends andsupporters at the 18th Annual EarthFest, a daylong free concert event in Boston. EcoLogic staff and volunteers were there to raise awareness about EcoLogic’s work collaborating with local communities in Latin America to protect threatened ecosystems and sustainably manage natural resources. “EarthFest provided an opportunity to be out there in front of a crowd that has an environmental ethic,” observed Barbara Vallarino, director of development. “We want to increase our name recognition in the Boston area, and this is a big group of people with like-minded concerns and goals.”

Among 80 companies and non-profits to feature exhibits and environmentally-themed displays, EcoLogic set-up near the Kids Planet stage and invited families with young children to “recreate” a fuel-efficient wood stove using jumbo cardboard blocks, construction paper stove tops, and bundles of sticks for fuel. The exercise provided the opportunity to tell parents and passersby about communities in Central America where EcoLogic and its partners install low-polluting, fuel-efficient stoves. “Many people living in rural areas have no electricity and rely on wood to cook their food,” explained EcoLogic’s Rebecca Oliver. “A well-designed stove made from local materials reduces the amount of wood a family must collect, and improves air quality in the home. That’s why providing these stoves is an important part of our mission.”

During EarthFest, more than 300 new subscribers signed up to receive EcoLogic’s monthly eNews newsletter, all of whom were entered into a random drawing to receive a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 courtesy of Tech Networks of Boston. Susan Labandibar, founder and president of Tech Networks, was happy to help EcoLogic get its message out. “One of our challenges is that it’s hard for people to relate to rainforest conservation. When we partner with EcoLogic it gets the message out. Trees are the lungs of our planet – they’re also the rainmakers. We’re losing a lot to climate change and we can’t afford to lose more.”