Leveraging Forest Partnerships!

EcoLogic’s project partner, the 48 Cantons in Totonicapan, Guatemala, has received a grant from Rainforest Alliance for US$30,000 to expand reforestation efforts. The Association will use the funds to construct two greenhouses with a capacity to produce approximately 17,000 trees a year; EcoLogic will provide the funds for a third greenhouse. Ecologic will also train Association members and others in best practices for managing the greenhouses and for the reforestation of the surrounding areas with the trees produced. The three new greenhouses will be in addition to five existing ones which produced 110,000 trees in 2010.

The funding from Rainforest Alliance is provided by USAID. The signing of the grant agreement was witnessed by senior USAID officials, the US Ambassador to Guatemala, Stephen G. McFarland, and EcoLogic staff.

The 48 Cantons of Totonicapan is a traditional K’iche’ governance authority that serves and represents the villages around the Communal Forest of Los Altos de San Miguel, where EcoLogic has worked since 2003. This old growth forest has been protected for centuries by indigenous communities, utilizing a traditional management system based on the interrelationship between forests, people, and water.

“This is an excellent example of how we can work together with our partners and other donors to leverage EcoLogic’s successful track record of protecting environmentally sensitive forests in Guatemala,” said to Sebastián Charchalac, EcoLogic Regional Director for Central America and Mexico. “We are grateful to Rainforest Alliance and USAID for joining us in this effort.”

The construction of the greenhouses is scheduled to be completed by June 15.

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