Planting the Seeds of Change with Young Leaders in Honduras


This past April in Honduras, EcoLogic staff, along with our local partner AJAASSPIB (Association of Water Committees of the Southern Sector of Pico Bonito National Park), delivered two silvopasture workshops to teach local agronomy students the importance of silvopasture—forest management systems that combine forestry with cattle grazing. Instead of barren lands and exposed soil sacrificed for short-term profit from cattle, multiple benefits can be derived: wood can be harvested for cooking fuel and household needs, cows can graze on more diverse forage crops, and the soil can maintain humidity even in the face of drought or intense sun so common to this region, the south side of Pico Bonito National Park.

The first workshop included 22 local students (20 men and 2 women), and the second included 34 (31 men, 3 women) from the community of Coyoles.  


These students also went on to do some hands-on reforestation work with EcoLogic. They helped carry tree seedlings up to priority reforestation sites and also replenished the stock of seedlings in the nursery that they had just transported  to be planted.


In these workshops, EcoLogic aims to introduce environmentally-friendly land management techniques and cultivate ecological awareness in practical ways, as part of the daily studies and practices of local youth. This, in turn, reinforces cultural practices and values that support conservation, effectively promoting the importance and history of local communities’ connection to nature.

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