Praise for an EcoLogic Stove: A Testimonial by Serbelia Caal

“My name is Serbelia Grave Caal. I am ethnic Maya K’ekchi. In 2010, I received an EcoLogic fuel efficient stove. For its construction, I contributed two bags of sand, 20 bricks, two bags of clay, and my time assisting the mason who built my stove.  I also agreed to plant and tend an agroforestry plot. The trees I plant there will help provide the firewood for cooking and will mean even less wood taken from the forest.

Sebelia_Stove_Crop_Testimonial_0When the stove was built, a person from EcoLogic told us that my family would use a lot less wood.  At first I did not believe him but then I started using the stove and it has really changed my life. Because of the stove we chop less firewood and the children have more time to study. My family’s eyes and lungs do not get the infections they used to, we get fewer burns, and I no longer suffer from back pain because the stove is a suitable height for cooking.

Before, when I cooked on the ground on an open-pit fire, I used four bundles of wood a week. Now, with my new stove, I use a little over a bundle a week, and there is no need for thick logs. I am very happy with my stove and it is really helping me. I wish that all families had an EcoLogic stove like me, so we would all be helping to conserve the forest and live healthier lives.”