Water Committee in Honduras Wins United Nations Prize

Our partner AJAASSPIB won the Equator prize! One of our jobs as collaborators with our community partner organizations is to promote their successes so they gain needed support. Doing so also helps get the word out about the ways the EcoLogic community is solving problems. We nominated the Association of Water Committees of the Southern Sector of Pico Bonito National Park or AJAASSPIB (Spanish acronym) for their work leading communities to conserve, restore and sustainably manage local water resources.   As part of our mandate to strengthen community governance structures and leadership abilities, EcoLogic was instrumental in helping establish AJAASSPIB  in 2003, and have worked with them since on activities including reforestation, the installation of fuel efficient cooking stoves, the mapping, legal demarcation and protection of watersheds, and environmental awareness campaigns.


The goal of the Equator prize of the United Nations Development Programme is to “recognize and advance local sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities.” AJAASSPIB was one of 25 organizations world-wide selected from the more than 800 nominations received. AJAASSPIB will receive $5,000 for program activities, and an AJAASSPIB representative will travel to the Rio +20 conference in June. At Rio, the representative will participate in special trainings, workshops and networking events sponsored by the Equator Initiave. In addition, ten of the 25 organizations will be chosen to receive an additional $15,000. Please wish AJAASSPIB luck, and we’ll keep you posted!