Communities Conserving Watersheds in Honduras

We made a video about EcoLogic’s Communities Organizing for Watersheds project in northern Honduras! Thanks to support from the Swiss Re International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management, and Intercultural Productions, a socially motivated video and multimedia production company, we created this five-minute documentary about the history of our work in northern Honduras, and our collaboration with our local partner, the Association of Water Committees of the Southern Sector of Pico Bonito National Park (AJAASSPIB).

Story of Youth Leaders in Conservation

Governed by our local partner the 48 Cantones, the communities of Totonicapan, Guatemala, are predominantly of Maya K’iche’ heritage and have a strong spiritual and cultural tradition of respecting nature and other living creatures. Unfortunately, as with many indigenous communities throughout the world, the struggle is on to successfully pass on traditional knowledge, history and culture to the next generation. Through EcoLogic’s project, ArtCorps Fellow Isabel Carrio uses art and personal expression activities to engage people of all ages but especially the children, in understanding and embracing the importance of protecting the Totonicapan forest as well as Maya K’iche’ history and culture.

Our Forest Sings: Totonicapan TV Promotes Forest Conservation

Last fall EcoLogic and local partner the 48 Cantones began an environmental awareness campaign to encourage local communities to protect the 52,000 acre old-growth forest of Totonicapán, Guatemala. Members of the 48 Cantones, EcoLogic staff and a journalist from Guatemala City collaborated to develop the campaign, “Our Forest Sings for the water, for the air, and for life.” From August through December local radio stations aired short public awareness ads that the campaign produced in Spanish and Maya K’iche’, and two TV channels regularly broadcast a television spot to an audience of over 100,000 people.

Meet a Community, Support a Solution

Now you can put a name to a face, a face to a community, a solution to a problem.

We are highlighting specific tools and trainings that you can support in Honduras, Panama, and Guatemala. These life-changing tools include water-drainage systems, composting latrines, and trainings that educate farmers on sustainable agricultural techniques. But you won’t hear it from us. You’ll hear directly from community members how your support will help their community and conserve their natural resources.

Ovina from Punta Alegre, Panama, Miguel Francisco from Huehuetenango, Guatemala, and Doña Eulalia from El Diamante, Honduras will talk to you—and tell you how you can make a difference in their lives today!

Meet Ovina

Meet Miguel

Meet Doña Eulalia

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