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2015 Supporters

Individual and Institutional Donors – $1,000 or more
Alstom Foundation
Atkinson Foundation
Susanna Badgley Place
Bay and Paul Foundations
Jill H. Berliner
Blossom Fund
Fernando Bolaños Valle
David B. Bray
Joyce A. Cacho
Wes Callender
Judi and Murray Cantor
Conservation, Food and Health Foundation
Diane DeBono Schafer
Amy L. Domini
Fondo para la Conservacion de los Bosques Tropicales
Forest Foundation
Full Circle Fund
Andrew Gelman
Norissa Giangola
Patricia Goudvis
Governors’ Climate and Forests Fund
Bill Green
Ray Grenier
Henry E Niles Foundation
Marc Hiller
Hobson Family Foundation
Insource Services, Inc.
International Foundation
Kendeda Fund
Jeanie and Murray Kilgour
Lakeshore Foundation
Lisa Leff
Joe Levine
MAR Fund
New England Biolabs Foundation
Maura O’Donnell
Paul M. Angell Foundation
Suzanne Powell
Presbyterian Hunger Program
Putnam Foundation
Nicholas A. Shufro
Martha Taub
The Susan A. and Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation
Tinker Foundation
Ian L. Todreas
Towards Sustainability Foundation
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – NMBCA
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service WWB-LAC
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service WWB-Mexico
Waitt Foundation
Marc Weiss
Kathrin Winkler
WWF Conservation Workshop Grants
Yale UniversityIndividual and Institutional Donors under $1,000
Charles Alvarez
Anchor Capital Advisors LLC
Cindy Angerhofer
Shereen Arent
Beverly Armstrong
Veronique Bailly
Claire Barker
Kevin D. Batt
Ellen Becker
Malcolm K. Beyer
Linda C. Black
Daniel Borges
Rita Butler
Alyssa Caddle
Lynn Cadwallader
Jane Carpineto
Elsa Chang
Myrel S. Chernick
Priscilla Cobb
Adam Daniels
Dirk De Klerk
Linda de Valpine
Sarah Delaney
Richard Denise
Anthony DiBella
John Donaghy
David Duncan
Connie Dunn
Eastern Bank
Bethea Eichwald
Karen Fedorov
Juliana L. Field
Maya Fischhoff
Maryanna Foskett
Deborah Fraize
Robert Friedman
Michael Frieze
Jessica Friswell
Brenda Gardner
Barbara Gaskin
GE United Way Campaign
Maureen George
Gabriella Goldstein
Carolyn S. Gordon
Michael R. Green
Faxon Green
Edmund Green
Steven Guggenheim
Evan Hadingham
Melissa Haley
Kyle Harris
Tom Harroun
Heiko Janssen
Ron Joseph
Rita-Maria Kafalas-May
Peter Kalil
Beth Kaplin
Martine Kellett
Bill and Sheila King
Bill and Elizabeth King
Mark Kisker
Edith Klausner
Deanna KnickerbockerLisa Koponen
Diane L. Leclair
Carol Leff
Carol Leister
Angela Lewandowski
Catharine A. Lewis
Madeleine Littman
Jeffrey C. Lockwood
Amy Longsworth
Elizabeth Lonoff
Loyalty Solutions, LLC – Donation Junction
Caitlin Lupton
Kevin McCarthy
Jim McDonald
Carolyn Mclemore
Frances Moore Lappé
Kathryn Morrow
Richard Muhleman
Kevin Murray
Jean Naples
Meira Neggaz
New England Aquarium
Peter L. Nimkoff
Lloyd Nordhausen
Jennifer B. Norris
Floyd Norton
Eric J. Olson
John F. Page
Mariano A. Parks
Parisa Parsa
Chris Patterson
Lance Pierce
Anita Pomerance
Maryanne Preli
John A. Quatrale
Robert Rabinowitz
Kim Regimbal
John Riley
Charles Roberman
Barbara D. Robinson
Elizabeth Romero
Jacqueline Rouff
Leah Rugen
Lewis Russell
Howard Saxner
John M. Schiavone
Marilyn L. Schluter
Lucy Schmeidler
Blake Schmutz
Trevor Self
Scott Settelmyer
Miriam Sexton
Laura J. Shaw
Matthew Shoemaker
Helen Shufro
Adrienne Simmons
George Skokan
David S. Smith
Gail Sorensen
Mark Spranca
Pablo Stone
Siri Striar
Lynne Strieb
Ned and Julie Strong
Lyn Styczynski
Barbara J. Taller
Philip D. Tanimoto, Ph.D.
James Taylor
Regi Teasley
John Q. Tilson
Trinity Episcopal Church
Tufts University Career Services
Dan Tunstall
United Way of Greater Portland
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Brian Vallimont
Stephanie Van Dyke
Scott Veggeberg
Judith L. Wagner
Roxanne Warren
Peter Workum
Steve Wright
Sib WrightStewards of Nature (Monthly Donors)
Jennifer Bennet
David B. Bray
Marcia S. Brown
Robin L. Chazdon
Todd Ching
Bill Green
James Hadden
Marc Hiller
Genevieve Howe
Ed Jaros
James Murphy, Jr
Katherine O’Gara
John Pauly
Frederick Sanders-Fleming
Joy Schochet
Nicholas A. Shufro
Barbara Vallarino
Mary and Daniel Wilson
Kathrin WinklerIn Honor
Joseph and Susan Diamond in honor of Eli Siegel-Bernstein
Helen Shufro in honor of Nick Shufro
Gail and David Schwartz in honor of Eli Siegel-Bernstein

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