Meet Miguel and Support Reforestation in Guatemala

Profile: Xequel, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Population: 1,134
Average household income: $912 a year
Threat to community wellbeing: Landslides, droughts, deforestation

“We are reforesting here because there has been a lot of deforestation and there are no longer trees in our area.”
—Miguel Francisco


Need: A program that encourages sustainable alternatives to expanding farmland and slash-and-burn agriculture. Guatemala has enacted a program, known as PINPEP (Program of Incentives for Small-Scale Agricultural Producers) that provides financial incentives to farmers who implement sustainable farming practices, such as agroforestry.

$25 registers one family for PINPEP

How you can help: There is much work ahead to fully develop this program! Through enrollment in PINPEP, families in Xequel receive an additional $166 a year when practicing sustainable farming. Your support today means that EcoLogic can register farmers and help monitor their land in order to ensure that their farming is sustainable and that they are receiving payment.

Your gift not only supports the conservation of precious and threatened forests in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, but also provides families with additional income necessary to meet their basic needs.