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Cerulean Warbler
Dendroica cerulea
Pijirita azulosa
Cerulean warbler

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watersheds, fisheries, gulf, towns, sarstun

The cerulean warbler is a small songbird that summers and breeds in eastern and central North America, and migrates to parts of the Caribbean, Central America and South America for the winter months.  The male cerulean warbler sports bright sky-blue feathers hence the bird’s common English name.  Females have a predominantly pale green and greyish coloring with pale, black markings on the back. The cerulean warbler forages and nests in the canopies of deciduous trees, so it is rarely seen by people. The IUCN has classified this species as vulnerable, and much data still needs to be gathered about its life history and habits in order to better understand what conservation measures need to be taken. It is clear that one of the pressures on the bird’s survival is the continued loss and fragmentation of its habitat both on its breeding and wintering grounds.