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Leopardus wiedii
Margay, tree ocelot

Species IUCN Status

Near Threatened

Projects (Locations)

carbonplus, watersheds, forest, guatemala, gulf, towns

The margay is a small, spotted cat that is most active during twilight and evening hours. This cat—which is smaller than an ocelot but otherwise similar looking—spends most of its time in trees but moves to the ground while hunting for small mammals, birds, and reptiles. The margay lives in very low densities throughout its habitat range, usually with less than five individuals found per 100 square kilometers. Its range includes areas of southern Mexico through Central America and into the Amazonian basin, reaching as far south as Argentina and Uruguay. The IUCN Red List classifies this feline as near threatened because of habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and illegal hunting and trade as a pet and for its fur.