On World Environment Day, Consume Water with Care

by Madeleine Freundlich

On June 5, millions of people around the globe will plant seeds, recycle bottles, and start brand new clean energy projects—all in honor of United Nations World Environment Day. In a Filipino city called Talisay, families will start the day by walking through the streets collecting trash. A small elementary school in Fiji will hold a competition for best recycled art projects. And in Olanchito, Honduras, families at EcoLogic’s Communities Organizing for Watersheds project site will come together to clean waste from streams—just like they do every day.

Boy drinking water in Honduras

A boy drinks water from the tap in northern Honduras

World Environment Day has been observed annually since 1972, with the goal of inspiring people across the globe to protect our scarce natural resources. The day’s theme this year is “Consuming with Care.” The United Nations Environment Program is urging people to think about water consumption in particular, as humans can access and safely drink only .05% of the water on our planet. Due to thoughtless overconsumption, that percentage is quickly shrinking.


Honduran Communities Organizing for Watersheds Partnership Honored by the International Society of Tropical Foresters

Zumilda Duarte Sandoval

Doña Zumilda Duarte Sandoval, a leader of EcoLogic’s local partner AJAASSPIB, will accept the ISTF Innovation Award on AJAASSPIB’s behalf at Yale University on January 30

EcoLogic is proud to announce that the Yale University chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters (ISTF) honored our local partner in northern Honduras, the Association of Water Councils of Pico Bonito National Park’s Southern Sector (AJAASSPIB in Spanish), as the winner of the 2015 ISTF Innovation Prize. For “outstanding initiatives in biodiversity conservation at the landscape level,” the prize recognizes the collaborative effort between AJAASSPIB, EcoLogic, and the Municipality of Olanchito to scale up AJAASSPIB’s successful model of rural community-led conservation to a larger watershed that feeds an urban area. Doña Zumilda Duarte Sandoval, a founding leader of AJAASSPIB who has been instrumental in MACO’s progress, traveled to Yale University for the ISTF Conference to receive the Innovation Award on January 30th.

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