INFOGRAPHIC: How EcoLogic is Helping Fight Climate Change in Mesoamerica

Climate change is a huge threat to the people & places where EcoLogic works.

Climate change is already causing a cascade of negative effects on the environment, human society, and nature. Central America and southern Mexico are experiencing these impacts in particularly acute ways because of their proximity to the equator.

Many of the approaches that are part of EcoLogic’s toolkit of solutions are helping local people in Central America and Mexico to adapt to the effects of climate change (and in some cases, like with our CarbonPlus program, mitigate its impacts as well). Reforestation, building fuel-efficient stoves, environmental education, and payment for ecosystem services projects, for example, all help rural communities build resilience in the face of climate disruption.

Check out the infographic below to learn more!


INFOGRAPHIC: Agroforestry & Climate Change

What is agroforestry?

Agroforestry is an agricultural technique that combines trees with crops (or livestock) to create environmental, economic, and social benefits. There are several types of agroforestry, but the main approach that EcoLogic uses in our projects is called alley-cropping, which means planting food crops between rows of trees.

It is one of the solutions that EcoLogic uses to help benefit people and nature in our project sites in Central America and Mexico.

Sustainable agriculture techniques like agroforestry can help address serious threats and challenges, including climate change. See how below!