Thinking like a Landscape

By Matthew Fagan, Ph.D. This article was originally posted on Dr. Fagan’s blog, The Earth From Above, on December 28, 2014. Cross-posted here at EcoBlogic with permission.

Dave Kramer, our Senior Manager for Impact, Learning, and Innovation, attended the Global Landscapes Forum in Lima, Peru, at the end of 2014. The Forum provided EcoLogic with a big dose of inspiration for our own landscape-level conservation work. Read more about how EcoLogic is working on scaling up our impact from the community level to the landscape by clicking here! In this piece, Dr. Fagan shares his own reflections about the GLF and the importance of landscape-level conservation and land use planning.

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) finished in Lima, Peru today. I am excited about their continued development of the integrated landscapes approach. Supported by a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations, the GLF seeks to break down the silos that exist among land-use specialists (fun Q: Why don’t foresters talk to agricultural economists or water managers very often? A: They go to different meetings and publish in different journals.).

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