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Project Spotlight: Celebrating Achievements in Ixcán and Setting Ambitious Goals for 2024

EcoLogic is thrilled to share our 2023 accomplishments and 2024 goals for our project in Ixcán, El Quiché, Guatemala. 

The tropical forests of Ixcán, Guatemala, face a multitude of threats. From the encroachment of cattle ranching and oil palm plantations to unsustainable agricultural practices and infrastructure development, the delicate balance of this ecosystem is under immense pressure. These challenges not only impact the health of the forest but also threaten the livelihoods of rural and Indigenous communities who call it home.

Our team in Guatemala is committed to reversing this trend. Our mission is to protect and restore this vital tropical forest ecosystem, empower local communities with sustainable practices, and build their capacity for long-term success.

2023 Achievements

In 2023, we made significant strides towards our goals in Ixcán. We empowered 46 farmers with agroforestry techniques and provided them with 3,360 seedlings. This enabled them to establish 32 hectares of agroforestry plots, promoting sustainable land use and generating income.

We also played a crucial role in supporting 91 beekeepers. Through training and technical assistance, they harvested a remarkable 22,450 pounds of honey, generating Q224,500 in income. Additionally, we facilitated access to PROBOSQUE/PINPEP incentives for sustainable land management practices, further bolstering income for participants with Q23,334 generated.

Building community capacity was another key focus. We conducted 46 workshops and trainings, reaching 243 participants. These sessions covered crucial skills in agroforestry, beekeeping, and forest monitoring. Furthermore, we supported the development of 13.56 hectares of forest under the management plan and 13.31 kilometers of firebreaks, critical measures for forest protection. Empowering local communities is essential, and we facilitated the participation of 30 members in forest monitoring and surveillance activities.

Our efforts also extended to community-led forest restoration and promoting healthy homes. We restored 32 hectares of degraded forest through reforestation and regeneration initiatives. Additionally, we provided technical assistance and support for managing a staggering 14,600 hectares of forest.

Looking Ahead: 2024 Goals

Building on our 2023 successes, we have ambitious goals for 2024. We aim to expand sustainable agriculture and economic opportunities in Ixcán. This includes diversifying agroforestry systems with new species and crops, enhancing both resilience and income potential for participating farmers. We will also train additional farmers in sustainable practices and connect them with markets and credit opportunities. Promoting the adoption of fuel-efficient stoves in all project communities remains a priority.

We are committed to restoring an additional 50 hectares of degraded forest and expanding the conserved forest area with to a remarkable 20,000 hectares.

Strengthening community capacity is another key focus area. We will continue supporting the development of forest management plans and firebreaks while training community members in advanced forest monitoring and surveillance techniques. Furthermore, we plan to strengthen the capacity of local water councils to ensure sustainable water resource management.

Protecting and restoring the forest ecosystem remains paramount. We are committed to restoring an additional 50 hectares of degraded forest and expanding the conserved forest area to a remarkable 20,000 hectares. Finally, we will advocate for policies that promote sustainable forest management and conservation efforts.

We are deeply grateful for the incredible support of our partners and donors. Your contributions help our work in Ixcán thrive! 


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