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EcoLogic Selected As Part of GlobalGiving's Climate Action Fund

Out of nearly 50 applicants, the EcoLogic team was selected as a member of this year's GlobalGiving Climate Action Fund!

This article was originally published by Global Giving at https://www.globalgiving.org/learn/people-protecting-our-planet/

From devastating disasters to punishing temperatures that just keep climbing, it’s clear that the climate crisis is the challenge of the era—but there is still hope for the future.

The missing answer in the climate crisis? Local solutions.

Across the globe, teachers, farmers, and Indigenous environmentalists have risen to the challenge of becoming climate leaders in their communities. The GlobalGiving Climate Action Fund provides yearlong support to five of these innovative climate champions, elevating local efforts to create more sustainable communities across the globe.

Each cohort member was selected by GlobalGiving staff for their impact, thought leadership, and commitment to working with local families to protect our planet.

Without further ado, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our third annual Climate Action Fund cohort:

1. Protecting tropical ecosystems through community partnerships


A multinational organization based in Central America, EcoLogic partners with rural and Indigenous communities to build economic stability, increase access to nutrition, and, ultimately, protect our planet. Their holistic approach includes offering training programs on sustainable agriculture practices, providing fuel-efficient stoves, training forest stewards, and more.

“Communities bearing the brunt of climate change, who often have the least financial means, are also often the guardians and stewards of forests and natural resources that are a key part of the climate solution,” Barbara Vallarino, Executive Director at EcoLogic, said.

“Over 28 years, we have created relationships built on trust, respect for local knowledge, and an understanding of local culture to create nature-based solutions that support local