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Stoves Are Not One Size Fits All

Building a new stove in Honduras

Community volunteers build the base of a new Justa stove in Honduras

Don’t underestimate the impact a stove can have on a woman’s life. In rural communities in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and Mexico, women do all the cooking for their families. By building fuel-efficient, clean-burning stoves in our project communities, EcoLogic helps improve the health of both families and forests. Stoves, however, are not one size fits all. So how do we find out which model works best for a given community? We ask the women who use them!

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Nish Acharya, Global Entrepreneur

Nish Acharya is coming to EcoLogic's fall event

Nish Acharya, one of the conversation leaders at EcoLogic’s fall benefit

On October 1, EcoLogic will be bringing 10 experts on topics from indigenous rights to climate change together for Turning the Tables: Nurturing Resilience, a dinner party with a twist. Here, Nish Acharya, CEO of Citizence and one of the experts we have invited to dinner, reflects on his career journey, sustainability, and a preview of what guests at his dinner table can plan to discuss. His topic at Turning the Tables is “Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems.”

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Pope Francis’ Encyclical Reminds Us Who Climate Change Hurts the Most

EcoLogic trains indigenous women as forest guardians in Ixcan, Guatemala

As climate change worsens, rural and indigenous communities in the developing world will be hit the hardest. (Photo: Dan Grossman)

Laudato Si, the Pope’s landmark encyclical, has ignited an international conversation about climate change. But no conversation about climate action can ignore the fact that the world’s poor—including the rural and indigenous communities that EcoLogic works with every day—are already being hit the hardest by the impacts of climate disruption.

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