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EcoLogic Partner Wins Landmark Case for Indigenous Maya Land Rights in Belize

US Capital sign Belize

A US Capital Energy sign near Sarstoon Temash National Park (Photo: Maura Fitzgerald)

This Earth Day, EcoLogic’s local partner in Belize, the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM), won a landmark legal victory for Maya land rights in the regional Caribbean Court of Justice. SATIIM works in the Toledo district of southern Belize—the Belizean side of our bi-national Cross-Border Alliance for Healthy Fisheries project site—to conserve the region’s natural resources in an environmentally sound manner for the economic, social, cultural, and spiritual well-being of its indigenous people. Maya communities in the Toledo area have been fighting to have the government of Belize recognize their rights to their ancestral land for decades.

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Meet Elmer, Field Technician in Quiché, Guatemala

Elmer Urizar Reyes

Elmer Urizar Reyes

Elmer Urizar Reyes is one of our field technicians with our Indigenous Peoples for Thriving Ecosystems in Northern Guatemala project site, where we implement community-powered conservation work with our local partner, the Northern Border Municipalities Alliance (MFN is their Spanish acronym). Elmer lives in the community of Santa María Tzejá in Quiché, and works in that part of the project site. In between planting trees and harvesting fair-trade honey, he was able to take a moment to tell us more about his life as an EcoLogic field technician in northern Guatemala, and why he believes in conservation powered by people.

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K’iche’ as K’ax K’ol: The Honor of Serving One’s Community for a Year

BU students in Totonicapan, Guatemala

The Boston University MBA students take a break from building a stove in Totonicapán

In March 2015, a group of five MBA graduate students at Boston University traveled to Totonicapán, Guatemala as part of a joint project between EcoLogic and BU’s Global Venture Consulting Club. After they recovered from the long flight home, they shared their thoughts on building stoves, planting trees, and the power of communities working together to create lasting change.

When starting our MBA at Boston University in September of 2014, most of our incoming class was expecting a year filled with numbers, graphs, charts, and case analyses. Exploring the forests of Totonicapán in Guatemala this past spring break was not only an unexpected experience, but one of the highlights of this year.

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