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Blog: Climbing Up the Waterfall, My EcoLogic Metaphor

ride up the papaloapanWIn November 2013, I went to La Chinantla, Oaxaca to visit one of EcoLogic’s newest project sites. As a part of the development team, gaining first-hand knowledge of EcoLogic’s work is important to effectively represent our work in funding proposals and other materials. I traveled with our executive director, Barbara Vallarino, and our regional program director, Gabriela González. I was also excited to meet EcoLogic’s Mexico program officer, Marco Acevedo, in person for the first time.

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New Learning on Fuel-Efficient Stoves in Guatemala

Gaby_stove_conferenceEcoLogic continually seeks to ensure that it is adapting to the local context and providing the best possible solutions for the challenges that rural communities and the nature around them face. To that end, in 2011-2012 EcoLogic contracted with a regional university to conduct a study of the fuel-efficient stoves we provide to communities so that we can better understand what works for community members and what does not.

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