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A Heartfelt Thanks to All of You!

Turning the Tables: Living Within Natural Limits

Bestalina Martinez receives EcoLogic Innovation Award

At our annual benefit on October 23, Executive Director Barbara Vallarino (right) presented the EcoLogic Innovation Award to Bestalina Martínez, the Executive Director of MAMUCA, our partner in northern Honduras

For our 2014 annual benefit, EcoLogic hosted 80 guests at the historic Commander’s Mansion in Watertown last Thursday evening, October 23rd. The twin goals of the event, Turning the Tables: Living within Natural Limits, were to spark interesting discussions about environmental topics between our friends and supporters and to raise $22,000 for our work in Mesoamerica. We are proud to have not only met but exceeded both of these goals—thanks to your help!

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Natural Resources Don’t Recognize National Borders

Cleopatra Méndez, EcoLogic's Bi-National Program Coordinator

Cleopatra Méndez, EcoLogic’s Bi-National Program Coordinator

An Interview with Cleopatra Méndez, EcoLogic’s new Bi-National Program Coordinator

What is your role with EcoLogic?
I coordinate EcoLogic’s bi-national project in the Sarstún region. My role is to provide support and oversight on the ground for EcoLogic’s work in these important coastal and marine ecosystems. This area is vital to conserve—it’s home to many endangered species, and places on both sides of the border have been recognized under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands as wetlands of international importance.

Why do you think it is important that this is a cross-border project?
At the end of the day, natural resources don’t recognize national borders! To conserve this region, it will be key to strengthen relationships among local stakeholders in both countries.

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Meet Mario, EcoLogic’s New Program Officer for Guatemala!

Mario Ardany De León

Mario Ardany De León Benitéz is EcoLogic’s new Program Officer for Guatemala!

Mario Ardany de León Benitéz, EcoLogic’s new Program Officer for Guatemala, is passionate about helping the communities and organizations EcoLogic works with in Guatemala turn their goals and ambitions into reality.

What is your role with EcoLogic?

I am the new Program Officer for Guatemala, which means that I oversee all of EcoLogic’s projects in Guatemala, and coordinate our relationships with our local partner organizations. EcoLogic’s activities include reforestation, water conservation, agroforestry, and—most importantly, from my perspective—education and trainings to help community members and local organizations be able to do this conservation work as independently as possible. I think it’s incredibly important that EcoLogic helps give our partners on the ground the tools to conserve and manage the natural resources that they depend on.

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