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Fighting Climate Change and Saving Forests Doesn’t Mean Ignoring Indigenous Rights

Community brigades measure forest carbon in Chiapas

Community members in Chiapas learn how to measure carbon stored in trees

With the COP21 international climate talks in Paris rapidly approaching, Mexico merits attention. In March, Mexico made news by becoming the first developing country to commit to reducing its carbon footprint at a national level ahead of the upcoming talks—including an ambitious goal to bring deforestation rates to zero by 2030.

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Stove by Stove, Tree by Tree in Chinantla, Mexico

Stove in Chinantla, Oaxaca, Mexico

Women in San Bernabé cook handmade tortillas on an EcoLogic fuel-efficient stove

The quiet, tiny community of San Bernabé in the Chinantla region of Oaxaca, Mexico, feels like a world away from the city of Tuxtepec. Yet the bustling municipality is barely an hour away. On the winding drive from the city to San Bernabé, urban development and industry give way to a forested landscape dotted with small, rural homes and subsistence farm plots so rapidly that the transition feels jarring—blink, and you’re in a profoundly different place.

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In Rural Guatemala, Samuel Coc Yat is Rewriting the Future

Samuel Coc Yat in Guatemala

Samuel Coc Yat in Livingston, Guatemala (Photo: Lee Shane)

Meet Samuel. He’s a K’ekchi’ Maya from rural eastern Guatemala, cares deeply about solving climate change, and just turned 29 years old. He’s also an EcoLogic field technician with our Youth Restoring the Nature of Sarstún project in the department of Izabal, which shares a border with Belize on Guatemala’s Caribbean coast. Samuel lives and works in the town of Livingston, a small, sleepy fishing village situated on the shores of the Sarstún River and the Amatique Bay.

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