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Meet Bestalina Martínez, A Visionary Leader in Honduras

Bestalina, Isabela, and Nolverto were originally featured in our 2013-2014 annual report, “Growing Natural Leaders.” Read the full report online here!

“A community’s richest resource is its people,” says Bestalina Martínez, Executive Director of the Municipalities of the Central Atlántida Department (MAMUCA), a community organization in northern Honduras that EcoLogic has worked with since 2007.

MAMUCA is an association that brings together towns and communities from across Atlántida, Honduras, to work toward reducing poverty and improving local livelihoods while conserving the environment. “If we don’t protect our natural resources, then we destroy our quality of life,” she says emphatically. Bestalina understands that people cannot thrive without helping the Earth to thrive as well—and under her leadership, MAMUCA and EcoLogic have brought that value of interconnectedness to all of our collaborative projects.

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In Guatemala, A Young Woman Takes a Stand

Isabela Alonzo Martín, a young Maya Chuj advocate for women's rights and environmental conservation in San Mateo Ixtatán, Guatemala

Isabela Alonzo Martín

“People told us we couldn’t participate, that we couldn’t work, because we were women.” But Isabela Alonzo Martín set out to prove them wrong.

A young Maya Chuj just 21 years old, Isabela has already made a name for herself as a passionate and articulate advocate for women’s rights and environmental conservation in and around the town of San Mateo Ixtatán in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Since 2012, she has been the Coordinator of the Municipal Office of Women—a local initiative organized to bring greater rights and opportunities to the indigenous women of San Mateo Ixtatán and the surrounding communities.

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Meet the Grandfather Who Is Working Tirelessly so His Grandchildren Can Have Clean Water

Nolverto Troches

Nolverto Troches Cárcamo is a grandfather, a minister, a community leader, and a staunch environmentalist in San Juan, Izabal, Guatemala

Nolverto Troches Cárcamo is a vocal community leader and minister within the small village of San Juan in the rural department of Izabal in eastern Guatemala. But Nolverto thinks of himself first and foremost as a father and a grandfather, and it is his love for children that has inspired him to become a staunch advocate for environmental conservation.

“I’m an old man,” he says with a laugh, “and there’s only so much that’s within my power. But if old men like me choose to set a bad example by cutting down trees, what kind of future are we creating for our children? I want my children and grandchildren to enjoy the forests. I want them to know the joy of being in a forested place. It’s our duty to take care of tomorrow today. I want there to be water left for my grandchildren!”

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