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You’re Invited to Turning the Tables: Living Within Natural Limits

On October 23, take a stand by taking a seat.

Turning the Tables: Living Within Natural Limits - EcoLogic's 2014 Fall Benefit

EcoLogic’s 2014 annual fall benefit is Turning the Tables: Living Within Natural Limits—a dinner party with a twist!

10 tables. 10 experts. 10 topics. Each dinner table at our event will center around one topic that touches on aspects of EcoLogic’s work at the intersection of conservation, culture, and development in Mesoamerica. The conversation topics are intended to foster thoughtfulness about the natural world by engaging you, our guests, in a discussion about global issues that we face together. Turning the Tables will be a one-of-a-kind evening. The thinkers and leaders that will be coming together on October 23 have never been in the same room (let alone a historic mansion) together—and may never be again!

Learn more about the event and save yourself a seat at the table here!


REVERB’s Lauren Sullivan is Greening Rock and Roll

This is the first in a series of interviews with several of the expert table facilitators at EcoLogic’s 2014 fall benefit, Turning the Tables: Living Within Natural Limits. This dinner party with a twist will take place on October 23. To learn more and purchase your seat at the table, check out our event page here!

Lauren Sullivan of REVERB is Greening Rock and Roll!

Lauren Sullivan of REVERB is Greening Rock and Roll!

EcoLogic: How exactly did you start “greening” rock and roll?

Lauren: Whenever my husband—Adam Gardner, the lead singer in the alternative rock band Guster—came home from a tour, he felt the dissonance between his life on the road and our life at home—the plastic water bottles, diesel fuel, and waste, compared to our sustainable lifestyle. I had been thinking a great deal about my environmental non-profit work and how to educate and engage people about the incredible issues that so many organizations were working on. Through my desire to help nonprofits and Adam’s acknowledgement of the need to curb the intense environmental footprint of the touring industry, we began to work on honing the concept of REVERB.

Read more about Lauren’s path to becoming an environmental pioneer in the music industry!

Blog Post! Big Green Alums: Give a Rouse to Making Green Development Stick

by Dave Kramer and Barbara Vallarino

EcoLogic at Dartmouth's Sustainability Cafe!

EcoLogic at Dartmouth’s Sustainability Cafe!

Resilience. It certainly wasn’t the first word we ever uttered at Dartmouth as very green undergraduates, but it defined our time there in different ways. From the survival lessons brutally served up by first New Hampshire winters to the taste of a whole new level of academic rigor and competition, Dartmouth has a way of forcing people to step up to the plate.

Read more about how EcoLogic’s Dartmouth alums are working with a new generation of students to make green development stick!