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Sacred Forest, Sacred Water: Event Recap and Heartfelt Thanks

Gabriela González and the Moll-Rocek family

EcoLogic’s Regional Program Director Gabriela González (center left) with filmmaker Julian Moll-Rocek (center right) and Julian’s parents, Ute Moll and Martin Rocek, at the event on June 5

On Thursday, June 5th, EcoLogic hosted the premiere of Los 48 Cantones, an original documentary film by brothers Julian and Thomas Moll-Rocek. The film focuses on the 48 Cantons, a Maya K’iché governing authority that is also EcoLogic’s local partner in Totonicapán, Guatemala. Julian, a former EcoLogic field intern, was at the event to present his film. Los 48 Cantones explores the indigenous Maya K’iché community’s forest management system, which is the source of their water supply. The people of Totonicapán have been stewards of their sacred forest since before the Spanish colonization of the Americas!

The event also served as the official launch of EcoLogic’s 2014 Ambassador Campaign.

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In Belize: The Rule of Law or the Rule of Money and the Jungle?

Greg Ch'oc speaks in Belize

Greg Ch’oc, EcoLogic Board Member and Executive Director of SATIIM, speaks at the Machaca Summit in Belize. (Photo credit: Maura Fitzgerald)

On the morning of May 20, over a hundred Maya villagers gathered at a rural community center in southern Belize. Down from repurposed old American school buses they stepped: men in woven belts and rubber boots speckled with earth; women in long skirts and flip flops, toting babies in slings. In other villages that day, the men were planting corn, but here in Machaca, the villagers waited—stern-faced, patiently—to write their names or plant an inked thumb in a ledger. They came to pose a question, simple but stark: would their government, and the American oil company it harbored, “submit itself to the rule of law … [or to] the rule of money and the jungle”?

By EcoLogic field intern Maura Fitzgerald

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EcoLogic Joins an Innovative New Network that’s Changing the Reforestation Landscape

Robin Chazdon at PARTNERS Workshop

EcoLogic Board member Dr. Robin Chazdon speaks at the inaugural workshop for the new PARTNERS reforestation network at the University of Connecticut. (Photo credit: Christine Buckley/UConn Photo)

Last month, Barbara Vallarino, EcoLogic’s Executive Director, and Dave Kramer, our Senior Manager for Impact, Learning, and Innovation, made the trip to Connecticut to represent EcoLogic at the first-ever workshop of the PARTNERS network (which stands for People and Reforestation in the Tropics: a Network for Education, Research, and Synthesis) at the University of Connecticut.

EcoLogic board member Dr. Robin Chazdon, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Connecticut, is spearheading the effort to bring together an interdisciplinary team of top-level environmental researchers from the US and Latin America alongside like-minded NGOs—including EcoLogic. The network unites forest experts from a wide range of backgrounds, such as forest ecology, environmental education, policy, and on-the-ground reforestation work.

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