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Zumilda Duarte’s Clean Water Crusade

Doña Zumilda Duarte holds a seedling while helping with a reforestation project in Honduras (Photo: Nick Shufro)

Doña Zumilda Duarte holds a seedling while helping with a reforestation project in Honduras (Photo: Nick Shufro)


NILIA ZUMILDA DUARTE SANDOVAL—or Doña Zumilda, as she’s called by neighbors and colleagues as a sign of respect—knows what it’s like to see a community go thirsty. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras, leaving behind an unprecedented trail of destruction. The President at the time, Carlos Flores, pronounced that the hurricane had cost Honduras fifty years of development. Doña Zumilda’s small community of La Chorrera, home to just over 200 families, was devastated. “When Hurricane Mitch came, all of our water systems were destroyed,” she remembers. The hurricane reduced water storage and filtration infrastructure throughout the region to rubble, and communities were left without access to clean water. “We had to rebuild everything.”

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Bird’s Eye View: The Horned Guan

Horned guan in the wild

The Horned Guan in the wild. (Photo: Josh More)


The horned guan is a unique, large bird that resembles a turkey. It is named for the distinctive red horn on the top of its head. The horned guan, also identified by its shiny black plumage and red feet, lives in mountain forests in southern Mexico and in Guatemala. The bird is an endangered species, and has been threatened by the loss and fragmentation of its forest habitat, as well as by excessive hunting.

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Supporter Spotlight: Meet Vilas Dhar

Vilas Dhar

Vilas Dhar, investor, attorney, and friend of EcoLogic

Vilas Dhar is an investor, attorney, and social entrepreneur with a passion for deploying innovative models and disruptive technologies that deliver rich social returns. As a co-founder at Dhar Law, LLP in Boston, Vilas has built a platform for socially conscious legal engagement, while also leveraging nontraditional strategy and private capital and philanthropy to empower non-profits, businesses, and governments. Vilas is a new, but very active and passionate supporter of EcoLogic. He led a roundtable discussion on “Development Based on Human Rights” at EcoLogic’s 2014 fall benefit dinner. With the Next Mile Project, an experiment in nonprofit collaboration, he co-hosted another event with EcoLogic about the role of community development and conservation in Chiapas, Mexico.

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