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In Mexico, Putting Carbon in Local Hands

Community brigades were trained to monitor carbon stored in forests in the Lacandón Jungle, in Chiapas.

“Community brigades” monitor carbon stored in forests in the Lacandón Jungle, in Chiapas.

By giving local indigenous people a seat at the table, we’re helping make an international climate change mitigation program more effective in Mexico.

By Felicia Line, CarbonPlus Field Coordinator

If you ask about what REDD+ is in the Lacandón Jungle in Chiapas, Mexico, you might get a range of answers. Some people will think you’re talking about the Red Cross, while others say that it refers to a giant net (“red” means “net” in Spanish) that will descend over the jungle to protect it. In other words, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about what REDD+ entails and how it could work—not just in the Lacandón Jungle, but in other areas of Mexico and the world.

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A Sweet Step Forward for Guatemalan Beekeepers

COPIASURO bees beekeeping visit in 2015

Honeybees are buzzing in Ixcán, Guatemala

It was a quiet afternoon in Ixcán, Guatemala, and you could hear the buzzing of hundreds of bees. In late January, Gabriela González, EcoLogic’s Regional Program Director, and Mario Ardany de León, our Program Officer for Guatemala, were at our Indigenous Peoples for Thriving Ecosystems in Northern Guatemala project site to meet with representatives of an internationally-recognized honey cooperative. The group gathered to discuss the next steps for a new and successful beekeeping initiative. But first, they donned beekeeping suits and hats to visit the hives.

In 2013, EcoLogic partnered with Heifer International to bring beekeeping to the communities we serve in Ixcán. The success of that pilot initiative connected us with the Integral Production Beekeepers’ Cooperative of the Southwest in Guatemala (COPIASURO is its Spanish acronym), who produce and distribute certified fair trade Guatemalan honey to international markets.

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Seven Hours One Way

Daniel Escobar in Honduras with a fuel-efficient stove

Daniel Escobar with a fuel-efficient stove he helped build as part of his work with EcoLogic and our local partner MAMUCA in northern Honduras

Daniel Escobar has been a field technician on our Towns for Environmental Corridors and Communities project in northern Honduras for six years. He works on the ground with our local partner, the Municipalities of the Central Atlántida Department (MAMUCA), and oversees and helps implement our community-centered conservation work. We asked him: What’s it like working in the field in rural Honduras? He has a lot of stories to tell.

Daniel grew up and lives in the community of La Masica in Atlántida, and has worked with EcoLogic for six years. In this interview, Daniel reflects on the threat of climate change, the importance of involving local people in protecting the places they live in, and his hopes and dreams for the future.

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