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In Rural Guatemala, Samuel Coc Yat is Rewriting the Future

Samuel Coc Yat in Guatemala

Samuel Coc Yat in Livingston, Guatemala (Photo: Lee Shane)

Meet Samuel. He’s a K’ekchi’ Maya from rural eastern Guatemala, cares deeply about solving climate change, and just turned 29 years old. He’s also an EcoLogic field technician with our Youth Restoring the Nature of Sarstún project in the department of Izabal, which shares a border with Belize on Guatemala’s Caribbean coast. Samuel lives and works in the town of Livingston, a small, sleepy fishing village situated on the shores of the Sarstún River and the Amatique Bay.

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Stunning Birds of the Sacred Forest

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting (Photo: Andy Morffew)

The Forest of Los Altos in Totonicapán, Guatemala, also known as “The Sacred Forest,” is a breathtakingly beautiful and expansive tropical area that provides critical resources like clean water and wood to approximately 150,000 people. However, the forest isn’t only important to local people—it’s also a critical habitat for at least twelve species of migratory birds whose populations are in decline.

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Language of Change: A Climate of Optimism from Harvard Sustainability Experts

Dave Kramer and Felipe Calderon at Harvard

EcoLogic’s David Kramer (right) speaks at Harvard with former Mexican President Felipe Calderón

We need to tell the story differently. The combined message from scientists, nonprofits, and politicians seems to be that there are too many systems in place contributing to climate change, and too many problems that are growing because of it. A few weeks ago, a group of prominent Harvard alumni took a step in challenging that notion. This panel of four included former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, other government leaders, and our own David Kramer.

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