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Our Approach

Our approach fosters holistic and sustainable development in which conservation, human wellbeing, and community development are mutually reinforced. EcoLogic facilitates participatory processes for community-level design and application of practical, locally-contextualized strategies that address both conservation needs and the needs of community members.

Core Principle

The active leadership and participation of local communities in conservation is not only socially just, but essential for the long-term conservation of our planet.


Rural communities lead in the creation of a sustainable world for both people and nature.

About Us

We are a lean and agile organization committed to a lasting impact. Our commitment to meaningful local participation and ownership of initiatives increases the likelihood that sustainable practices are adapted and sustained over the long term

How We Do It

We work in partnership with local organizations and communities to provide access to:


We work community by community, building on shared interests and goals to create alliances that will have positive impact regionally, and at the landscape level.


We facilitate access to social and economic incentives in support of sustainable practices.

Tools & Training

We provide the tools and training each community needs to ensure a sustainable approach to the restoration and conservation of tropical ecosystems.

Our Mission

To empower rural and Indigenous Peoples to restore and protect tropical ecosystems in Central America and Mexico.


 We focus on bringing about positive, measurable outcomes and managing internal systems to assess and augment those outcomes

People-centered Approach

We work to preserve nature in a way that recognizes the needs, responsibilities, and knowledge of human beings in complex ecosystems.


We form long-term partnerships with grassroots communities and local organizations based on mutual trust. We work to ensure that they can advocate for their interests.   

Honesty & Transparency

We act with sincerity and integrity, in an ethical and moral way, with high standards of conduct.

EcoLogic connects our core values to our mission

Meet Our Team

EcoLogic's team brings a unique combination of expertise, commitment, and empathy. We welcome learning from our partners and adapting our approach to achieve better outcomes

Meet Our Partners

Collaboration and partnership are defining characteristics of our work. Find out more about our partners and the partnerships EcoLogic fosters.


EcoLogic is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Tax ID 25-1704582. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law and creates sustainable change in ecosystems and in communities.

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