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Staff and kids in greenhouseClimate change. Habitat restoration. Clean, reliable freshwater. Food security. The protection of endangered species. These are long-term challenges that require ongoing solutions. It is not enough to build a fuel-efficient stove and say the work is done. Or to plant one tree and hope that others will grow. Nor is it sufficient to provide a community with a watershed management plan without helping them make it happen, or to legally protect a mangrove and expect it to be there ten years from now. This is why EcoLogic thinks in terms of progress, and acts to make it so. Progress is “steady improvement,” a continuous process of many small steps taken that allow for effective and long-term positive change. And we know that the accumulation of many small steps is what leads to landscape-level change.

Over 20 years, EcoLogic has made meaningful change in the lives of thousands of people in Central America and Mexico. Many of these people are now leading efforts both large and small to protect and restore the natural systems around them. For example, several years ago we began what we now call our “agroforestry” program, teaching farmers how to plant crops with trees. An early adopter of this practice, Don Genaro of Ixcan, Guatemala, collaborated with us to establish one of the first agroforestry plots in his community. Now EcoLogic works regularly with Don Genaro to demonstrate the benefits of agroforestry to his friends and neighbors and, in turn, help them establish plots of their own. As another example, what began as a group of four villages in northern Honduras collaborating with EcoLogic to establish sustainable water management practices has now turned into an internationally recognized organization of almost 30 communities that successfully manage and protect local water sources, providing a working model of how communities can motivate their citizens and effect long-term positive change.

Below appear some of the results EcoLogic has achieved since we started out. We look forward to sharing more with you in the future as we move to a landscape-level approach.

Fernando, a tecnico, explaining the process to students.

A Few of Our Numbers

In our first 20 years, Ecologic worked with 627 partner communities.

Together, we ran 1,260 workshops with approximately 18,900 participants.

In the area of forest and mangrove protection and restoration, we:

  • Produced 2,580,770 plants in nurseries and greenhouses.
  • Planted 1,319,500 trees for reforestation and watershed rehabilitation.
  • Built 2,500 fuel-efficient stoves.
  • Trained 840 community members as forest guardians.
  • Trained 300 farmers who currently use 300 agroforestry parcels.

In the area of environmental and natural resource management, we:

  • Brought 18,510 hectares of watershed under active management by community water councils.
  • Provided technical assistance and support for the establishment of 160 local water councils.