Awards and Recognition



We take pride in our relationships with our local partners and always appreciate seeing our collaborative efforts recognized. One of our jobs as collaborators with our partners—whether they are individuals, groups, or organizations—is to promote their successes so they gain needed support. Doing so also helps get the word out about the ways the EcoLogic community is solving problems, protecting and restoring tropical ecosystems, and improving the lives of the people who live in them. Below are selected examples of recognition received by EcoLogic and our partners and projects since 2010.



2013: Rockefeller Foundation’s Next Century Innovators Award
Antonio and Salvador TocIn May 2013, the Rockefeller Foundation designated EcoLogic a “Next Century Innovator,” recognizing us as an organization creating new ways to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people. Almost a thousand organizations and individuals were nominated from around the globe, yet only a hundred were selected to receive this recognition.

EcoLogic’s way of helping rural farmers transition from slash and burn agriculture to a technique known as “alley-cropping” so they can sustainably grow food was singled out. EcoLogic collaborates with local early adopters of the alley-cropping approach and then teaches other farmers on the early adopters’ land. This learning technique allows farmers to test the approach in a familiar environment and to learn from their peers. As more and more farmers learn, they, too, become local experts and teachers, and demonstrate how to balance immediate consumption needs with long-term stewardship of natural resources. Read more about Rockefeller’s recognition of our work and about our agroforestry program.

2012: The Equator Prize
In 2003 at our Communities Organizing for Watersheds Project EcoLogic helped local people establish the Association of Water Committees of the Southern Sector of Pico Bonito National Park (AJAASSPIB), a coalition of ten community water councils. Now an alliance of 27 water councils, AJAASSPIB provides administrative and technical assistance and support to its member committees so local people are better able to protect, restore and maintain their watersheds and freshwater delivery systems. It has been a highly successful effort, so much so that the UN Development Program chose AJAASSPIB as one of 25 organizations worldwide to win the 2012 Equator prize. The Equator Initiative recognizes the success of local and indigenous initiatives and further enables opportunities and platforms to share knowledge and good practices. Out of over 800 applicants, only 25 organizations received this honor, which included $5000 for continued support of AJAASSPIB’s activities.

2011: Heifer International’s Golden Talent Award
In 2011, José Salvador Toc, a farmer from Ixcan in Guatemala, received the Heifer International Golden Talent Award for excellence in sustainability and the “visionary leadership” that he demonstrates in his community. Don Salvador Toc has been an active community collaborator with EcoLogic and our local partner, the Northern Border Municipalities Alliance (MFN), since our Indigenous Peoples for Thriving Ecosystems project began in 2005. In 2010, EcoLogic and MFN began a three-year partnership with Heifer to further promote sustainable resource management and increase the knowledge and training opportunities in the area. Don Salvador Toc, who now provides training to other community members, received a $200 cash prize along with money for more Inga seed, corn seed, and waterproof boots.

2011: Swiss Re International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management
EcoLogic placed second in the Swiss Re 2011 International ReSource Award competition. Each year Swiss Re awards US$150,000 for the implementation of a sustainable watershed management project, specifically recognizing programs that “raise awareness of the ecological, social, and economic significance of water sources and watersheds in developing and emerging countries.” In particular, Swiss Re noted EcoLogic’s Communities Organizing for Watersheds Project for its educational contributions and for promoting leadership abilities in Honduras.

ajaasspib award