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The joint environmental management agreement of the Municipality of Olanchito (MACO) aims to restore and protect the Uchapa-Pimienta watershed for the wellbeing of the environment and the people of Olanchito. The initiative focuses on establishing environmental funds for conservation of the 6,500-ha Uchapa-Pimienta watershed, which supplies water to more than 40,000 people. EcoLogic, AJAASSPIB and the municipality of Olanchito signed the Agreement on Joint Environmental Management or MACO. The MACO agreement and its implementation is endorsed and supported by the representatives of the institutions: ICF, SANAA, UNAHTEC-Aguán, Public Health, COLPROCAH, COMAS. These institutions are invited to participate in the activities to be carried out that are related to their objectives.

Learn more about our work with MACO in Olanchito.

Joint Environmental Management Agreement of the Municipality of Olanchito


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