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In 2005, the Mayan school of Ak’Tenamit asked EcoLogic for help in the creation of a local nonprofit to develop jobs for its graduates via conservation and sustainable livelihood projects. Founded in 2007, APROSARSTUN is run entirely by Ak’Tenamit graduates, who have extensive training in community development and sustainable tourism. They seek to improve local livelihoods and preserve the environment in the 16 predominantly Maya K’ekchi’ communities within the Sarstun Multiple Use Area. As a grassroots community development partner, APROSARSTUN identifies, organizes, and supports the communities who participate in our collaborative project. EcoLogic provides financial support, strategic planning, technical training, and capacity building.

Learn more about our work with APROSARSTUN in the Sarstun Multiple Use Area.

Mayan Association for Wellbeing in the Sarstun Region


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