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EcoLogic Development Fund Celebrates 30 Years of Community-Led Conservation

EcoLogic is proud to announce its 30th anniversary of working to conserve and restore tropical ecosystems and empower local communities in Central America and Mexico.

Since its founding in 1993, EcoLogic has embarked on a remarkable journey dedicated to championing community participation in natural resource management to advance the conservation of threatened ecosystems in Central America and Mexico.

Harnessing the power of collaboration, EcoLogic has partnered with rural and Indigenous communities and local associations, igniting a range of transformative strategies and culturally-sensitive programs to fight biodiversity loss and improve local communities’ livelihoods.

Thirty years ago, EcoLogic’s founders recognized that preserving the forests of Central America and Mexico is crucial, not just for these regions but for the planet. These ecosystems teeming with life play a vital role in mitigating climate change and supporting biodiversity.

EcoLogic has not strayed from its founding commitement to Mesoamerican ecosystems and the people inhabiting them. We strive to work in harmony with rural and Indigenous communities to engage them as stewards in our shared conservation efforts. Our holistic methods ensure the preservation of ecosystems while simultaneously supporting the rights and needs of local people and creating economic opportunities and improving the quality of life for these communities.

Our team and donors' dedication to our mission and the communities we serve has been instrumental in our success.

We are extremely proud of the impact we have had in 30 years of operation. Key achievements include:

  • Support of 1,286 communities in five countries (Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Belize, and Panama)

  • Production and planting of 5,525,122 trees in degraded areas

  • Establishment of community-managed forest restoration programs that helped reforest and regenerate 10,344 acres of land

  • Production of 344,471 plants for agroforestry activities

  • Planning and development of 426 home gardens since 2017

  • Construction and delivery of 6,059 fuel-efficient stoves to rural communities

  • Training of 512 novice beekeepers since 2013 to support the conservation of bees and promote sustainable beekeeping practices

  • The empowerment of 235 rural and Indigenous women through training and programs that helped improve their livelihoods and increase their participation in decision-making processes

  • Training of 6,534 youth about environmental conservation, sustainable forestry practices, and biodiversity protection.

  • Generation of $1,354,345 in financial incentives for communities to engage in sustainable income-generation practices

EcoLogic could only achieve these milestones with the leadership and efforts of our field team, who have worked tirelessly to implement our programs on the ground, and our committed donors. Our team and donors' dedication to our mission and the communities we serve has been instrumental in our success.

"The EcoLogic team is incredibly proud of our work over the past 30 years and humbled by the continued support of our donors, partners, and board members. As we look to the future, we remain determined to stop deforestation and restore degraded ecosystems," said Barbara Vallarino, EcoLogic's Executive Director. "We are confident that by continuing to work alongside local partners and communities, we can build on the successes of the past 30 years and make an even greater impact in the years to come."

We are holding a celebration on October 19, save the date and stay tuned for more information!


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