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Transforming Conservation through the Power of Art and Youth Empowerment: EcoLogic Lights Up UN's Nature for Life Hub

EcoLogic recently collaborated with the Creative Action Institute and the New England Biolabs Foundation to bring arts-based conservation and youth empowerment expertise to the United Nations’ 2023 Nature for Life Hub. It was an occasion to foster collaboration and ignite a collective movement to advance climate action, biodiversity conservation, and gender equality.

In November 2023, EcoLogic took the stage at the Nature for Life Hub. The virtual platform gave us a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse network of stakeholders and amplify our message of empowering communities and nurturing natural leaders.

EcoLogic's presence at the Hub was marked by two sessions: "Creative Action: The Power of Arts-Based Methods to Promote Whole of Society Approaches for Nature" and "Growing Natural Leaders."

Inspired by the event's fresh perspectives, we emerged with a renewed commitment to nurturing future leaders.

In the first session, EcoLogic showcased the transformative power of arts-based tools and creative methods in championing community-led solutions for a sustainable planet. Drawing insights from the work of the Creative Action Institute, key stakeholders shared their perspectives on how these methods empower community-based organizations to achieve systems change at local, national, and global levels, fostering a collaborative approach to conservation that encompasses social, economic, and environmental dimensions. We were honored to join One Planet from Peru and FOREP - Forest, Resources, and People - from Cameroon in sharing these experiences.

"Inspired by the event's fresh perspectives, we emerged with a renewed commitment to nurturing future leaders and catalyzing transformative change throughout society, paving the way for a sustainable future," Barbara Vallarino, EcoLogic's Executive Director.

The second session, "Growing Natural Leaders," featured Isabela Alonzo Martín, a remarkable young advocate for women's rights and environmental conservation in Guatemala. Isabela's inspiring story highlighted the importance of empowering youth to take ownership of their communities' environmental future. Her passion and dedication were a powerful reminder that youth and women can significantly impact safeguarding and restoring ecosystems.

We sincerely thank the Nature for Life Hub for providing an invaluable platform for sharing our vision and inspiring others to join the movement for a sustainable future. 

EcoLogic is committed to continuing its collaboration with the Hub and other partners in the global conservation community to protect biodiversity and natural habitats and empower rural communities, women, and young leaders to protect our planet. 

Join us to help our mission to preserve biodiversity, protect forests, and fight climate change.


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