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Empowering Youth to Restore and Protect Nature

A sustainable future for our planet starts with the next generation. For this reason, at EcoLogic, we design several types of environmental programs to develop skills and environmental awareness among youth.

Food security through home gardens in Mexico

In Oaxaca, we are working with students from the Universidad del Pueblo de San José Chiltepec to bring food and economic security to the communities surrounding the Áreas Destinadas Voluntariamente a la Conservación (ADVC).

The program lasts six months and includes training for establishing and growing home gardens, with a particular emphasis on the use of native seeds, medicinal plants, and fruit trees. The main goal of these activities is to address and mitigate the pandemic's negative impact on rural households by ensuring food sovereignty and security. EcoLogic aims to empower young students with the necessary knowledge to replicate these activities and their positive effects in their own communities.

EcoLogic is working with students and teachers from Universidad del Pueblo in San José Chiltepec, Mexico, on the design, implementation, and management of orchards.

Learning to restore and protect the land in Honduras

In collaboration with our partner AJAASSPIB, the National Autonomous University of Honduras-Aguan Campus (UNAHTEC-Aguan), the Municipality of Olanchito, and our field staff in Honduras, we are fostering greater environmental awareness and encouraging youth to become champions of their local ecosystem through activities at our outdoors environmental education experience. The program also aims to make youth understand their essential role in restoring the local ecosystem successfully. Students between the ages of 18 and 22 are involved in the establishment of a nature trail that will serve local school children in Honduras, planting native trees of the tropical dry forest, and plants that attract pollinators. Furthermore, they learn about the efficient management of solid waste.

In the community of Santa Bárbara, we are carrying out a reforestation campaign with students of different ages. We work with them on the production of plants to reforest 15 hectares of degraded pine-oak forest. The process involves students that are about to graduate from high school supported by younger pupils who help fill bags, plant seeds, and transfer plants to the field. We are carrying out a similar campaign in Olanchito: students are working on restoring the area that goes from the banks of the Uchapa River to the city of Olanchito and the Aguan River.

In the Municipality of La Masica, we coordinated a workshop on landscape-level conservation with the participation of students who are about to graduate as Social Promotion Technicians from the Gonzalo Rodríguez Institute. The students captured their interpretation of an ideal landscape and a contaminated one in drawings and illustrated and presented how they wanted their future to look.

In Olanchito, Honduras, our team is working with local schools to restore forests and the local ecosystem.

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Unknown member
Dec 11, 2023

It's very cool that you give your students such a practice, it has a very cool effect on their consciousness and self-awareness as individuals. Because with the help of such works, you can immerse yourself in real work very much. It's a pity that in my time we didn't even have something like this, and we just sat and read the material, and then as a group we successfully buy nursing essays, which, thank God, were successfully accepted and we got good grades. So I can only envy what today's students can learn now, their teachers do a lot, it's cool.

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