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New Forest and Wildlife Monitoring Equipment Delivered to the Community Brigades of Jacatepec

Originally published on Ruta Indígena

Oaxaca, Mexico - With the support of the Fondo Ambiental Regional de la Chinantla Oaxaca A.C. (FARCO), two community brigades assigned to the forestry and fauna monitoring of the common land of Rancho Faisán and Vega del Sol in the municipality of Santa María Jacatepec received brand new protective gear and equipment that will support them in their monitoring activities. Thirty-nine team members will benefit from the new equipment.

The delivery of the equipment was made possible thanks to the award of the 2021 Innovation Award from the International Society of Tropical Foresters at Yale University School of the Environment. Ing. Severiana Domínguez González represented the FARCO A.C. and EcoLogic Development Fund team in the competition, which won first place.

In addition, Severiana was recognized as a global climate leader within the Climate Crossroads 2021 program organized by the Human Impact Institute, associated with the Tenure Facility and sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

These international recognitions place Oaxaca and Jacatepec as leaders in the efforts that society and the government carry out against global warming and for ecosystems conservation and sustainable development.


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