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Oaxaca Establishes Citizen Council for Biodiversity, EcoLogic Partner FARCO, A.C. Nominated to Join

The state of Oaxaca in Mexico is synonymous with biodiversity. A place where the commitment and social participation for its management are to be recognized.

In 2020, SEMAEDESO issued a public call for constituting the Citizen Council for Biodiversity (COCIBIO). Participation in this citizen council is reserved for education and research organizations, productive sectors, and civil society organizations characterized by significant efforts in the preservation of biodiversity.

Through the Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity (ECUSBEO) the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development (SEMAEDESO) seeks to analyze and propose strategies to guide public conservation plans and policies for the state.

EcoLogic's local partner organization the Fondo Ambiental Regional de la Chinantla, Oaxaca. A.C. (FARCO) participated and was designated as a civil society organization through its executive director, José Leonardo Hernández Montiel. They were recognized given their role in the creation of successful and recognized models of conservation and management of natural resources under a social vision.

Swearing-in ceremony of COCIBIO.

The news fills us with pride and satisfaction, but it is also a call to redouble our efforts with courage and commitment to the conservation of biodiversity in Oaxaca for the benefit of its population. There is still a long way to go, but we firmly believe that the combined efforts and cooperation between EcoLogic and FARCO will continue to reap results.


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