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We are happy because we will have food to harvest to eat. We are thankful to all who are helping and providing support with this small-scale agriculture at home, small but blessed.

-Cristobel Johnson, Community Leader, Orotina

What We Do

With the project activities we seek:

Community-led Forest Restoration: Restore tropical forests through natural regeneration and reforestation with native trees.

Sustainable Agriculture and Capacity Building: Improve local capacity to maintain sustainable agriculture initiatives on land that is currently degraded, incorporating best practices and new techniques from learning exchanges.

Healthy Homes: Reduce anthropogenic pressure on forests resulting from fuel-wood extraction and establish home gardens.

Environmental Education: Broaden the communities' understanding and active participation in forest conservation.


Ethnic Groups:

Population Size:


Economic Activites:

Poverty Rate:

Project Area:


Endangered Species:


Mestizo, Garifuna

Spanish, Garifuna

Agriculture, cattle, silviculture, or fishing


44,146 hectares

Tropical humid broadleaf forest

Endangered Black-Handed Spider Monkey, as well as the vulnerable Giant Anteater and the Spanish Cedar tree.

Key Facts




The Municipalities of the Central Atlántida Department (MAMUCA) works with five municipalities in the department to support and improve local infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, local institutional capacity, environmental protection, public health, education, and employment creation.

Towns for Environmental Corridors and Communities

EcoLogic works with MAMUCA to develop conservation tools and initiatives for communities living in this critical ecosystem, including agroforestry, building fuel-efficient wood stoves, and constructing greywater drainage pits (sumps) to preserve water quality. We are focusing on building a long-term culture of conservation by leading a number of environmental education initiatives for children and other community members. We have also hosted learning exchanges between local water and natural resource committees in this area and in other EcoLogic project communities. The goal of this project is to contribute to the restoration of a biological corridor of over a million acres by building a harmonious relationship between the ecosystem of the corridor and the communities who live there. To achieve this goal, we are working in an 86,500-acre segment of the corridor to develop and implement tools that encourage conservation practices, such as agroforestry and reforestation.

Support this Project

You can contribute directly to the main activities and communities involved in this project through our designated funds.

Get Involved

Your support makes it possible for EcoLogic to continue to work hand in hand with communities to save their forests and water. There are many ways to express that support.

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