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Founded in 2001, MAMUCA is headquartered in the municipality of Masica, on the north coast of Honduras. It is made up of the municipalities of El Porvenir, San Francisco, La Masica, Esparta and Arizona, with the purpose of having a technical unit that would contribute to the development comprehensive, poverty reduction, strengthening of municipal technical units, and facilitate the management of natural resources, as well to accompany the formulation of municipal plans and lead interinstitutional coordination. Since 2007, EcoLogic has partnered with MAMUCA to manage and work toward official recognition as a biodiversity corridor for the 35,000-ha partially forested stretch of habitat between Pico Bonito National Park and the 15,900-ha Texiguat Wildlife Refuge, 30 kilometers west of the park. Many of the rural MAMUCA communities are situated within this area, which also is known as the PIBOTEX corridor. Together, we have focused on community microwatershed management, reforestation of degraded areas, and agroforestry. We have also worked to improve access to, distribution of, and governance of potable water and forested watershed areas.

Learn more about our work with MAMUCA in Atlantida.

Municipalities of the Central Atlantida Department


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