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Celebrating 30 Years of EcoLogic: Reflections on Conservation and Community Resilience

Marking its 30th anniversary with a virtual event, EcoLogic Development Fund reflected on its impact on ecosystem restoration and the livelihoods of rural and Indigenous communities.

Thirty years ago, a passionate group of individuals embarked on a mission: to empower communities and support a sustainable future in Central America and Mexico. 

Our 30th anniversary, marked by a virtual event on October 19th, 2023, wasn't simply a time for celebration but a reflection on the profound impact we've achieved alongside numerous communities. Beyond commemorating past achievements, the event served as a platform for insightful discussions on critical issues like conservation, biodiversity restoration, and community resilience in Central America and Mexico.

Panel Discussion: Navigating the Path to Sustainability

Moderated by Jessica Brown, Executive Director of the New England Biolabs Foundation, the panel brought together thought leaders and community champions. Their discussions explored the heart of EcoLogic's mission, sharing perspectives and insights on conservation and community resilience. 

The panelists included José Domingo Caal (Sarstún, Guatemala), Severiana Domínguez (FARCO, México), Doña Zumilda Duarte (AJAASSPIB, Honduras), Don Santos Norato (48 Cantones, Guatemala), and Bestalina Martínez (MAMUCA, Honduras).

José Domingo's Experience

Drawing from two decades of working closely with communities, José Domingo underscored the importance of well-structured projects that integrate environmental conservation with community development initiatives.

Severiana's Call to Action

Severiana urged stakeholders to consider the impact of their actions on future generations, advocating for incorporating environmental actions within educational systems and recognizing Indigenous knowledge.

Doña Zumilda's Plea for Support

Highlighting the significance of alliances, Doña Zumilda discussed challenges faced by communities, emphasizing the crucial role of strategic external support in enhancing their quality of life.

Don Santos' Call for Synergy

In the heart of Totonicapán's forests, Don Santos reflected on the approach followed by 48 Cantones in restoring forests, emphasizing the need for institutional relationships with deep respect for community dynamics.

Bestalina's Gratitude

Bestalina expressed gratitude for the support received from EcoLogic, emphasizing the importance of allies and economic resources in addressing the basic unmet needs of resource users.

The virtual event ended with a keynote speech by Jamison Ervin, Manager of UNDP's Global Nature for Development Program. Ervin's words highlighted the urgency of harmonizing nature conservation with sustainable development.

Echoing the Future

The achievements of the past 30 years serve as a prologue to a future where conservation, community resilience, and sustainable development intertwine. As we embark on this next chapter, we carry the lessons learned and connections forged over three decades as our guiding principles. To echo the sentiments of the panelists, the journey ahead involves alliances, support, and an unwavering commitment to leaving a legacy for generations yet to come. It's an invitation for you all to be part of this narrative, contributing to the ongoing story of EcoLogic's impact on our planet.


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