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Training for the Production of Natural Pest Control Solutions

This blog post was originally published on the website of Fondo Ambiental Regional de la Chinantla.

Carried out on October 9, 2022, the training was part of the medium and long-range strategies undertaken by the Chinantla Regional Environmental Fund (FARCO) and EcoLogic Development Fund, in coordination with the Universidad del Pueblo Academic Unit Chiltepec, with the participation of the Ejido* of San José Chiltepec.

This workshop is part of a series of events held in Chinantla, Oaxaca (Mexico), to support Indigenous communities in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals.

The workshop featured the following topics:

  • The practice and adoption of climate-smart agriculture as mechanisms for adapting to climate change and improving food security in Indigenous communities.

  • Decrease in the use of agrochemicals in the production of staple foods.

  • Use of raw materials from the region for the production of bio-preparations.

The trainers identified the materials and forms of preparation to make organic compounds to control common pests and diseases in the family garden. These include organic repellents, fungicides, and insecticides using ingredients such as earthworm leachate and mountain microorganisms.

Over 40 people attended, including students and teachers from the Universidad del Pueblo, Ejido farmers from San José Chiltepec, and technicians from the Technical Support Strategy Region 8 from the Municipalities of San Juan Cotzocon, Ayotzintepec, and Santa María Jacatepec.

*In Mexico, an ejido is an area of communal agricultural land. Community members have usufruct rights rather than ownership rights, which the state holds.


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